Friday, October 31st, 2014
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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 10:30

Rolling Hills receives awards for Student Achievement

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  District picks up SOAR Awards in Columbus
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 08:37

Newark Home Explodes due to Gas Leak

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Man & Woman escape injury... Dog dies in blast
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 08:28

Washington County suspect in custody

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Man reportedly responsable for School District Lockdown
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 08:24

Ohio Housing on the Rebound

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Prices climbing back to levels seen before the recession
Monday, 27 October 2014 08:31

Gunshots break up Athens Halloween Weekend

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Police find Weapon, but make no Arrests
Some Local Prices below Statewide Average
Monday, 27 October 2014 08:21

Ohio Tax Cut not being utilized

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Ohio Small Businesses not taking advantage of possible Tax Break
Monday, 27 October 2014 07:55

U.S. Secretary of Education to visit Columbus

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Federal Education Chief to talk with Appalachian Educators
Victims' Families Prefer to Avoid Contact with School Shooter
Suspect Arrested; Police Report a Dozen Injuries
Ricocheting Bullet Causes Minor Injuries at Handgun Class
Food and Medical Care among Major Concerns
Solar Installation to be Largest in U.S.
Saturday, 25 October 2014 07:58

Oil fracking site explosion

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  Man injured in the explosion at local fracking site
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