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Ohio traffic deaths this year could hit record low

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State Patrol reported a record-low 823 fatalities as of Monday


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Traffic deaths in Ohio could hit a record low this year.
Statistics show that the state could even dip below 1,000 traffic fatalities this year for the first time since the state began keeping records.
The Columbus Dispatch reports that there were 823 traffic deaths in Ohio through Monday, according to the State Highway Patrol. That's the lowest number to that date since 2011, when the year-end death toll was 1,016.
Officials attribute the improving numbers to people slowing down on the roads, troopers' handling of traffic stops and collaboration between the patrol, sheriffs and police departments on joint enforcement efforts.
Traffic deaths peaked in Ohio at 2,778 in 1969. Vehicle safety improvements and better highway-construction techniques have helped drive those numbers down since then.



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