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Deer Gun season opens in Ohio

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Hunters given extra time to aid in quest for elusive Whitetail Deer
   COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Whitetail beware!  Deer hunters now have an extra 30 minutes each day to hunt following the opening of deer-gun season in Ohio this morning. 
   The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says hunters were already allowed to hunt deer 30 minutes before sunrise.  An additional 30 minutes has been added after sunset this year for all deer-gun seasons.   The  Division of Wildlife expect approximately 420,000 hunters will take to Ohio's forests and fields this season, and anticipate between  80,000 to 90,000 deer will be harvested during the weeklong hunt that begins today and runs through Dec. 8.  Hunters checked 86,964 deer in last year's weeklong deer-gun season. The statewide bag limit is nine deer. But a hunter cannot exceed an individual county's bag limit.  
    Employees of Ohio's Division of Wildlife are also monitoring deer around the state following the opening of deer-gun season.  The state says studying a sampling of deer can help them make assumptions about the health and age of the deer population. Officials say that translates into better management of the herd through proper setting of hunting limits. The Columbus Dispatch reports that division officials also say too many deer mean more vehicle crashes. Deer also can damage crops, leading to higher prices at the grocery store.  But the state also monitors deer for disease to protect the herd and Ohio's captive deer farms and other livestock.

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