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AVC Technical Services

Our goal is to offer quality and cost effective computer repair and IT related products and services. Our rates are very competitive and our solutions are tailored to meet your needs!

AVC Technical Services offers a full range of computer services to monitor, maintain, repair and secure your computer, servers, and network. Our services are customized to fit your needs and reasonably priced. Contact us today to get details about how we can keep your business or home PC's running safely and smoothly.

We do computer repair, both remote support and onsite services, proactive PC monitoring and remote maintainence, IT consulting, website design and hosting, pc upgrades, servers, data backup and recovery, networking and much more. We are the East Central Ohio Computer Repair and IT Services specialist providing first class computer services to homes and businesses across the area. 

LOCAL Computer and Network Support Solutions, On-site or Remote Computer Repair, Replacment & other Services


We will provide you IT services on time, on budget and deliver professional results. We walk you through our services and explain exactly how we can help you stay up and running proactively, saving you money and time and doing it at a price you can afford. 

When a problem occurs with a computer or network you can take advantage of our on-call, on-site services to troubleshoot and repair the problem quickly. Our network administration and Remote Management and Monitoring programs work to proactively prevent problems on your computers and network. Our network management system is designed to prevent potential network outages and computer problems by alerting us or potential problems many times before they cause any outage or degradation of service.

If your looking for an IT guy, need additional help for your current IT guy or would like to save some money on your technology expenses without sacrificing quality . . .  contact AVC Technologies today via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (740) 432-5605. 

Finally, a Cambridge, Ohio based IT Support company that will deliver IT Support services to small and medium sized businesses the right way! When you think Computer Support, think AVC Technical Services. 

icon-EmergencyServices  support-helpContact Us!

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us! Cambridge: (740) 432-5605 - Caldwell: (740) 732-5777 - Barnesville: (740) 484-4430

Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm. 24 Hour and Emergency Service and Support is available. Contact us for details. 

Click here for more contact information including how to submit a support request and for a map/directions to our offices. 

Featured Services

icon NsupportPro 32x32 On-Site Computer Support, Repair, Upgrades and Replacements

OnsiteComputerRepairsIf you are under a tight deadline, you cannot afford a technical mishap on your computer. Problems can pop up at any time and cause you a major headache and inconvenience. That’s where AVC Technical Services can save the day! Our experienced staff provides computer service and repair, as well as technical support for customers across the area. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we can help you get your PC, MAC, or laptop up and running in no time, either through a visit to your home or office, or even online! In many cases we can fix your computer issues the same day. We also provide complete repair service for networks, printers, and other computer hardware. Examples of our computer repair and support services include: Setup and configuration of computer equipment and hardware, Virus, spyware, and malware removal and Data recovery to name a few.

READ MORE about our computer repairs, upgrades and replacement services


icon remoteaccess  Remote Computer Support, Repair and Monitoring

Remote-Computer-SupportOur Remote Computer & Monitoring Solution will keep your systems up to date, monitor them for issues, allow us to remotely repair problems and respond to problems quicker. Best of all... it will also save you money! This service allows us to remotely manage your computers, servers and network. We monitor a number of important items and when problems arise we are alerted us as soon as the problem is detected allowing us to fix it, many times before they cause any outage or down time. This adds up to a huge savings for you... as much as 40% on your total computer services and IT related expenses over the next year compared to other service providers in the area. You'll be surprised just how in-expensive it is... literally pennies per day! Our online repairs are completely secure, and you can even watch every step of the process!

READ MORE about the cost and benefits of our Remote Computer Repair & Monitoring Services.


icon antimalware  Anti-Virus and Mal-Ware Protection, Computer Security at one low price 

Virus-Protection-smallPC's and Computer networks are facing an unprecedented number of threats. Last year alone a new malicious threat in the form of spam, phishing attacks, malware, or viruses was released to the Internet every 3.5 seconds. As unbelievable as that sounds this year the threat level has increased to three new threats being introduced every second! In addition, Spam comprises almost 80% of all email traffic sent over the Internet.

Email remains the number one method for introducing viruses and other malicious code to your computer, your network and it's devices. Without appropriate protection you rely soley on yourself and your employees not to open suspicious emails or click on malicious hyperlinks. This simply is not good enough. Our Security Manager Service delivers enterprise quality layers of defense against this growing threat and costs as little as one penny a day per PC!

READ MORE about our Security Manager Service providing desktop-level detection and handling of threats based on industry-leading security technology.


icon backup  Backup Management and Data Recovery 

backup3AVC's Backup Manager is a suite of data management applications that make it easier and more affordable to protect and restore your data and we manage and verify your backup for you every day! Backup Manager is a disk-based recovery solution that simplifies and speeds up the recovery of your data when you need it. Back up physical and virtual servers as well as laptops and desktop workstations. Offsite or "Cloud" backup services are also available.

READ MORE about our Backup Managment Recovery Services.


icon mobiletechnician  Mobile Device Management for your Smart Phones, Tablets and I-Pads

MDMsmallLose your smart phone? Someone stole your I-Pad? We can take action when a mobile device is lost or stolen, especially when confidential information and data is stored on it. We can help find out your mobile device’s location, send it a message, lock the screen, selectively wipe sensitive data or completely wipe the entire phone! AVC Technical Services can also ensure that your mobile devices are secure, appropriately configured and optimized. We can remotely trouble shoot problems, set-up or re-configure your email anywhere or monitor them for potential problems.

READ MORE about our Mobile Device Managment Services.


icon patchmanagement  Computer Software Patch Management keeps you up to date

Patch Management provides you with the peace and mind of knowing that your primary computer software (Windows, JAVA, Adobe Etc...) is alway's up to date without lifting a finger. We do it all for you! Ask your AVC Technician about this service or contact us for more details.


icon inventory  Computer Inventory Management 

We store your computer, server or device information for everything on your network so we can expeditie repairs and replacement of all of your hardware. For most devices this also includes Warranty Information, License Keys, Installed Applications and Hardware. We can provode inventory reports for every device! Ask your AVC Technician about this service or contact us for more details.


Sunday, 28 July 2013 20:12

Managed Data Backup and Restoration

Are your vital systems, files and other data backed up daily?


I doesn't matter if your company employs 1 person, a dozen people or a couple hundred, any data stored on office computers and servers is critical for company operations. Those files may include personal employee information, expense reports and invoices, inventory, business history and various other important company data.

Whether it is from a rogue link, hard drive crash, power surge or even a simple drink spill, an unexpected problem can wipe out that information in just a few seconds, and if you are not prepared, it can leave you feeling helpless, and having to rebuild from scratch. More importantly, it can drastically reduce your company’s productivity, and furthermore, its bottom line... even it's future success is at risk. All of these are issues that you cannot afford.

Regular backups of critical data and systems is a critical and often overlooked part of computer and network maintainence. AVC Technical Services offers a managed backup and monitoring service that will give you the capability to restore data and systems in the event of a simple deleted file or full blown catastrophe. Our backup service includes on-site backups, an option for offsite storage, and includes monitors to alert us in the event backups fail to run or complete. We do all the work... and verify that it's done right, every day.

Backup service fees are based on a various factors including how much data you will need to backup, how long you would like to keep backups, if it's on-site or in the cloud, and type of storage device. AVC managed backups work to backup servers, desktops, laptops and other mission critical devices data.

Home PC options are also available!

Sunday, 21 July 2013 14:39

Remote PC & Network Monitoring

Affordable Remote Computer Repair & Proactive Monitoring


Support for home and business users

Online remote supprt is the practice of having your computer worked on by a technician over the internet. The technician can view your screen and move the mouse and keyboard safely from a remote location as easily as if he or she was there. Online computer support is FAST! It's more  convenient too! Receive help quicker without having to bring your computer to our shop or wait for a tech to arrive to you. Best of all it's more affordable. Our costs are much lower than sending a tech to you…. this lets us charge you much less for the same high quality service as you would receive from an onsite technician.

This service is safe and secure. When you connect to one of our technicians, the connection is the same high level of security used when transmitting sensitive information online like when using online banking or purchasing from reputable retailer. Also, you are in complete control of the remote session and can take control of the mouse anytime or you can end the session immediately.

There are times when an online remote session will not be adequate to remedy a particular problem. In those cases you can bring your PC to our shop or we will schedule an onsite technician to be physically sent to your location.

We will always work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. Please understand the volatile nature of computers, and that some problems can be recurring but not necessarily due to poor service. For example some computers are reinfected with the same virus or spyware after a user repeats the same actions that got the system infected in the first place. We will work with you to complete the job to your satisfaction. 

remote-monitoringRemote PC Managment and Monitoring for home and business

What distinguishes AVC Technical Services from our competitors is our 24/7 Remote Management and Monitoring service that will monitor things like systems resources on your servers and computers in order to diagnose and resolve issues before they arise. Our system will alert our staff when a condition on your computer or computer network is triggered.. for example when you have reached 90% usage of your hard drive storage, a file backup fails or system memory is full. It will also alert us proactively about conditions that may indicate a problem or issue that could lead to a problem in the future. We can configure our monitors on a number of diffrent criteria and peripherals like printers, backup hard drives, tablets, websites, email service, etc. . .

When an alert is triggered we are immeadiately notified and our technical staff works to proactively resolve the issue, many times before it causes down time or malfunction.

Our extensive system also allows us remote access to your systems with your approval so that we can respond quickly without you having to wait for a technician to arrive on-site. Remote access also allows us access your systems after business hours so that our maintenance crew can run administrative and preventive maintenance task during off peak hours to allow you to operate uninterrupted more of the time.

We integrate our Remote Monitoring and Management Services into our other managed service offerings providing an integrated solution or if you prefer, as a stand alone service.

This service helps businesses of all sizes to REDUCE IT operating costs, identify and resolve network issues before they occur; decrease downtime and increase user productivity; Better manage computer assets; mprove the reliability and security of your network.

Our Remote Management and Monitoring Service is affordable for every business or residental computer user, costing only pennies per day for a PC! 

Contact us today for more information about this service!

Sunday, 21 July 2013 14:25

Computer Repair & Support

On Site Computer Repair & Services

computer-repair-nowOn-site computer services are available to business and residential customers and include any number of things, like hardware replacement or repair, hardware upgrades and Internet or networking issues, virus and malware removal and much more.

Some of our customers use our on-site computer service to supplement their own staff or even other support arrangments that do not fully cover their computer systems, servers, network or other portions of their IT needs. For many other businesses without any on site support staff or service agreement they need on-site service for computers or other hardware, servers and firewalls in their offices or just a simple one time computer repair at home.

We make “house calls”!
We can dispatch a technician to your home or workplace many times within a matter of hours. Our experienced technicians provide assistance in a wide variety of categories. We can help you get your computer or network up and running immediately! Below are a few of the services we provide:

Home and Business Computer Repair and Services

Whether your computer is running slowly or recently crashed, we can help you get back on track. However, we also set up programs like email, configure hardware such as cameras, scanners, printers, and even iPods. We service all computer desktop and laptop brands, for both the PC and MAC operating systems.

Did you know that viruses and spyware can wreak havoc on your hard drive, take over your computer and even make you prone to fraudulent activity on your bank account? Our crews cannot only remove any threats from your system, but will also install the proper software to prevent another attack from happening in the future.

While a wireless network helps keep your home or office connected, an unsecure one can leave you prone to security problems. We will not only help you configure your wireless router and adapter, but we will also secure your network, and show you how to use the new network and prevent any vulnerabilities.

Your computer is likely filled with important documents, emails, picture and other files that help keep your houshold or company running. But what would happen if all of that data disappeared? AVC Technical Services can not only help you recover your lost files, but also keep that from happening again with in-expensive backup options you can't afford not to have.

Business Specific Computer Repair and Services

In this, the digital age, everything moves at breakneck speed. For a company, time is money, so a network or server outage could result in lost business. AVC Technical Services can help you get back on track fast with our reliable and highly experienced business computer support staff. With a quick email or phone call, we schedule one of our technicians to your business usually in just a few hours. We can troubleshoot and repair your computer issues, and take preventative measures to monitor your hardware and block out any unwanted problems, including spyware and viruses. We can also help setup your email and computer hardware.

Let us help guide you with any questions about your network’s servers, including what you may need to purchase, and how to make sure it is not only properly installed but also safe. Employing even one full time IT staff member can be very expensive and not as efficient as using our Managed IT SolutionsWe can offer a complete IT department for a fraction of the cost of a single employee.

Your company’s data is critical and in many cases confidential. We offer extensive backup solutions to help keep any important data secure, where we design a complete backup system to ensure the safety of any information.

We offer many other services specifically for businesses so contact us today for more information! 

Sunday, 30 June 2013 16:53

St. Clairsville Movies & Times

Now playing at Carmike Cinemas at Ohio Valley Mall...

Sunday, 30 June 2013 16:47

Zanesville Movies & Times

Now playing at Cinemark Theatre at Colony Square Mall...

Sunday, 30 June 2013 16:31

Cambridge Movies & Times

Now playing at UEC Cambridge Premiere Theatre 7...

Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:10

Cambridge Middle School Weather Cam

The Cambridge Middle School Weather Cam is located on a tower above the roofline of the school and points generally northwest towards Cambridge High School. It is updated every 5 minutes. This camera is a part of the Weather Bug Network. You can view it on the Weatherbug Network website here. Special thanks to Cambridge City Schools for providing this camera.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 10:07

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd has been ESPN Radio's 10:00AM to 1:00PM ET show since March of 2004. The Herd features topical commentary on the day's most important sports news, perspective on the top stories and interviews with the biggest newsmakers. Colin brings you his personality, his humor, and his unique perspective on sports. The show takes sports issues and broadens them out into a lifestyle-type show that appeals to a mass audience. The mission of the show is to inform, entertain, and make people think.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 09:59

Mike & Mike Show

Featuring co-hosts Mike Greenberg and former NFL player Mike Golic, a regular on ESPN2's NFL Live, Mike & Mike is ESPN's sports talk morning show. The show combines a mix of live guest interviews, analysis, breaking sports news coverage and opinion, all presented in a thoroughly entertaining format. Mike & Mike airs on more than 370 stations around the country and can also be found on both Sirius XM Satellite Radio. All four hours of the show are simulcast on ESPN2 reaching 93 million homes, and the "Best of Mike & Mike" airs weekday afternoons on ESPN.

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